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2001 BMW 525i Review, Roy M., Austin, Tx.

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 Model of the car:525i
 General comments:I am the original owner of my BMW 525i, and currently have about 34,700 miles on the vehicle. Arguably the best car I've ever owned. The handling is awesome, drives on a rail, and of course, classic BMW looks! Great gas mileage to boot!
 What things have gone wrong with the car:Well, those European car electrical gremlins! I have had numerous problems with the sunroof making that popping noise, the on-board computer pixels have malfunctioned, turning signal lights have malfunctioned several times, air condition is presently on the fritz, and the weatherstripping around my windshield has deteriorated. o 0 ( I think that everything!)
 Previous car:Lexus IS300

Review 2001 BMW 525i Roy M., Austin, Tx.
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